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Laser Laser Sport-Simulated Clay Pigeon Shooting Systems ...

Laser Sport Simulated Clay Pigeon Shooting Systems "Laser Skeet" is one of our most popular services. The primary target group is preteen through adult, satisfying your need to provide entertainment for this often overlooked group.

GT Lasersport- Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

GT Lasersport specialises in UK wide Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting with both outdoor and indoor facilities. GT Lasersport is traditional clay pigeon shooting with the safety of using lasers instead of shotgun cartridges. The system is based on deactivated 12 bore shotguns which are converted to fire infra red beams at flying targets. A hit registers on the scoreboard in front of the shooters and ...

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting - CryWolf Paintball, Laser Tag ...

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting has become the most played shooting sport in many countries. It provides the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the thrill and excitement of shotgun shooting in perfect safety, without any threat to the environment.

Laser Clay Pigeon Hire | corporate, branded ...

Lasersport laser clay pigeon simulator hire with authentic, but deactivated 12-bore shotguns. The lasersport guns fire back an infra red beam at the reflective re-usable clays - there's a realistic shotgun bang - hits are indicated by the sound of a breaking clay and appear on the laser clay scoreboard.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting - Saddle Creek Adventures

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting. This is a great relaxing and fun activity that doesn't require any special fitness or athletic ability, and is a unique experience that few people have had the opportunity to enjoy. As you set your sights to the sky, a disk is released from a launcher.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Basics - CryWolf Paintball ...

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Basics. You've seen people shoot at clay targets with real shotguns and you want to take part. But you either cannot find a place or they are really expensive. That's where laser clay pigeon shooting comes in. But let's run through some basics. The very early stages

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting | Timeout Entertainment

As our laser clay pigeon shooting is completely mobile, we can come to you whether you're in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Yarra Valley or somewhere else in the country. If you like the idea of trying your hand at the old sport of clay pigeon shooting, then why not try your hand at the medieval sport of Archery as well.

Laser Clay Shooting System - Wikipedia

The Laser Clay Shooting System (レーザークレーシステム) is a light gun shooting simulation game created by Nintendo in 1973. The game consisted of an overhead projector which displayed moving targets behind a background; players would fire at the targets with a rifle, in which a mechanism of reflections would determine whether or not the "laser shot" from the rifle hit the target.

Clay Pigeon Shooting and Laser Clays | Creative Team Events

Clay pigeon shooting is usually set in beautiful countryside, so don't forget your Wellington boots as you join the landed gentry in enjoying this fun and competitive outdoor sport. Laser clays are an excellent alternative. Where location, noise or other restrictions forbid real firearms, laser …

Laser Clay Pigeon Shoot on Water, Dinner & Drinks ...

After a full safety briefing your professional laser clay shooting guide will guide you through the skills and techniques of becoming a crack shot in the clay shooting arena. The name of the game is to tally up the most number of hits on the computerised scoreboard to bag the win!

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting - Taquilla Tickets

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting uses deactivated 12-bore shotguns converted to fire invisible laser beams. Players shoot at the clay pigeons, and hits are registered on an electronic scoreboard. Clays are launched various at speeds and angles, and up to 5 people can shoot at the same targets.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Equipment for sale | eBay

Pick up all the clay pigeon shooting essentials, from the clays themselves to protective clothing. With so many items available, you're sure to find the hunting equipment you're looking for. Clay pigeon shooting equipment. To be able to fully experience clay pigeon shooting, you'll need a trap that is able to throw a clay into the air for you ...

Hyperli | Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting for Up to 12 People ...

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting combines computer technology with infrared laser beams with the classic sport of clay pigeon shooting. It is an excellent team building event that can be done day or night. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting can be structured as outcome based team building or …

Laser Clay Shooting (nationwide) - Team Build

"Everyone had a really good weekend. People really enjoyed the Clay Pigeon shooting… it has been a pleasure dealing with you." CITCO. Did you know we also do weddings? Laser clay shooting at a wedding is a great way to keep the adults and kids entertained – see laser clays wedding brochure

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Hire | Midlands | Birmingham ...

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting in the heart of the Midlands close to Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry & Nottingham. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is like a traditional clay pigeon shoot, but with laser beams instead of shotgun cartridges. It's 50% Lord of the Manor and 50% Star Wars!

Laser Clay Shooting - Perth - Team Building Activity

Minimum space requirement for outdoor laser clay pigeon shooting is 20m x 30m of clear space (no trees or high shrubs) This activity can be enjoyed by everyone. The guns look and feel real, but are totally harmless and very safe for anyone to use. The clays are re …

Clay pigeon shooting - Wikipedia

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, also known as Laser Clay Shooting or even Laser Shooting, is a variation on the traditional sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting where the shotguns are disabled and fitted with laser equipment that can detect hits on specially modified reflective clays. Laser clay pigeon shooting offers a safe alternative for beginners.

Laser Clays Entertainment : Laser Clays Entertainment

A COMPETITIVE, FUN AND SAFE FORM OF THE SKILFUL SPORT OF CLAY PIGEON SHOOTING Laser Clays Entertainment is based in Shropshire, covering all over the UK and beyond. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is becoming one of the most popular activities for weddings, corporate events, private parties, fundraising events, agricultural shows or just about anything that requires […]

Laser Clay Pigeon Organisers | Clay Pigeon - Lasershoot

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is a great Idea for corporate or social entertainment. Whether it's a get together of friends or a corporate client you want to impress, there is no better way than enjoy the great outdoors with a bit of fun and entertainment with Clay Pigeon shooting. How Laser Clay Pigeon …

Clay Pigeon Shooting, Laser Clays | The Big Shoot

The closest Clay Pigeon Shooting, Laser Clays range to Me is Enfield which is 11 miles away. Prices are from £ 20.00. We have 11 other Clay Pigeon Shooting, Laser Clays grounds to choose from within range of Me and a total of 171 across The UK and Ireland

Laser Skeet - Simulated Clay Pigeon Shooting System by ...

Laser Sporting Simulated Clay Pigeon Shooting System, Laser Skeet, consists of five specially modified Italian shotguns shooting harmless infrared pulses.

Laser Clay Pigeon - Home | Facebook

Laser Clay Pigeon. 57 likes. Laser clay pigeon shooting, safe, ideal for stag parties, hen parties, birthday parties & weddings, use real shotgun's that are converted to shoot lasers


Laser Clay Pigeon is a serious piece of high-tech kit, with all the challenge of conventional target Clay Pigeon! This is a great novel activity – perfext for groups of …

Reload - Laser Clay Shooting Range - Things to do in Reading

Laser clay shooting takes the danger out of traditional shooting by firing a harmless infra red beam. Players shoot at plastic discs launched from one of our two launchers. We can shoot late into the night thanks to our floodlights and serve alcohol and soft drinks throughout the day.

Laser Skeet | Simulated Clay Pigeon Shooting System Products

We offer the Laser Sport Simulated Clay Pigeon Shooting System in at least three different formats. They are: Outdoor Skeet Shooting This is the "standard" configuration, outdoors with clays from a trap. Indoor Skeet Shooting Basically the same as Outdoor Skeet but inside a facility or tent.

Laser Clays | Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Hire | Norfolk

Laser Clay Shooting is a totally unique, simulated, hi-tec electronic version of the country sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting. This is shotgun shooting without the need for ear defenders, risk of recoil and the subsequent bruises! Using real (but de-activated) shotguns, players test their skill by shooting laser beams at discs fired from a ...

Laser Clay Pigeon - Home | Facebook

Laser Clay Pigeon. 57 likes. Laser clay pigeon shooting, safe, ideal for stag parties, hen parties, birthday parties & weddings, use real shotgun's that...

Laser Clay pigeon shooting Laser Pigeon

Laser Pigeon is a mobile Clay Pigeon Shooting system allowing 5 persons to compete at the same time using actual deactivated shot guns equiped with lasers & special clay pigeons fired from a trap, the fun is fast & furious, of course it does get a little competative!

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting | Outdoor Team Bonding Activities

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is a fun, high energy activity to enjoy as part of a fun outdoor team-building experience or as part of an incentive event. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is a fun, high energy activity to enjoy as part of a fun outdoor team-building experience or as part of an incentive event. OUR STORY.

Clayzer Mobile Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Hire ~ UK wide

CLAYZER laser clay pigeon shooting is a sport which can be enjoyed by everyone. The paricipants use real shotguns that have been deactivated and modified, it's important to note that the guns use infra-red technology, not laser and are completely harmless, the guns fire a beam at clays launched from a conventional clay trap that launches them a distance of about 35m.