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: Japanese General Use Characters List contains 1945 jōyō kanji characters prescribed by the Japanese Ministry of Education for everyday use. Each listing has Japanese readings and English meanings with stroke count (number of strokes to create character).

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Jōyō kanji consists of 2136 characters. Joyo Kanji () is the name given to the character list that the Japanese Ministry of Education considers official. The first 1006 characters are taught in specific grade levels, and designed to teach enough Kanji to cover 90% of written material in Japan.

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List of characters. For brevity, only one English translation is given per kanji.; The "Grade" column specifies the grade in which the kanji is taught in Elementary schools in Japan.Grade "S" means that it is taught in secondary school.; The list is sorted by Japanese reading (on'yomi in katakana, then kun'yomi in hiragana), in accordance with the ordering in the official Jōyō table.

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JLPT N2 Kanji Select All Onyomi: ATSU Kunyomi: Meaning(s): pressure, push, overwhelm, oppress, dominate Onyomi: I Kunyomi: koromo Meaning(s): garment, clothes ...

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This page introduces kanji commonly used in Japan. You can use these kanji for studying. Kanji characters list | Regular use kanji 2136 #

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Tato stránka obsahuje gramatiku, slovíčka, testy, cvičení, přehledy, často používané fráze, obrázkový slovník a další užitečné informace pro jazyk Japonština.


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On: mon — ask, question, accuse Kun: to(u), to(i), ton — ask, question, accuse On: shu, su — main thing, master, Load, employer Kun: nushi, omo ...